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Leran More About Blood Diamonds

The phrase blood diamond is generally used in the context of diamond trading. These tend to be diamonds which are mined from a war zone. In addition, they are usually sold to finance wars, insurgency or the actions of a war lord. These diamonds are most typical in Africa, and they have come to be branded as blood diamonds, because of all the blood that has to be shed for the advantage of a few. It is only when there is war in these mining areas that diamond trading will prosper, for the advantage of only a few people. To, fully realize these diamonds; it is vital that we look at their past and how they had become known as blood diamonds.

The diamonds came to first be recognized in Angola, during a civil war from 1974 to 2001. However, the trading of the diamonds was first recognized between 1992 and 1998, UNITA offered diamonds to finance its war. It was during this period that the UN recognized the use of diamonds to invest in wars. It was estimated that about 20% of the total diamond production during that time was used to fund war. The UN resolved that this type of trade should be stopped, but the resolution did not stop UNITA from selling diamonds to finance its war.

Another country which includes had a past of Blood Diamonds is Liberia. The nation registered the greatest number of blood diamond trade among 1989 and 2003, when it absolutely was encompassed in a civil war. The president of Liberia, Charles Taylor has been accused in 2000 by the UN for supporting a great insurgency in Sierra Leone in exchange for diamonds. He later stepped down and were required to face trial in the Hague. Despite the fact that he pleaded not guilty to all the charges, he had been found responsible in April of 2012 as well as later sentenced to fifty years in prison. He is always to serve out his sentence in a maximum security prison in Britain. It has also been alleged that al-Qaeda acquired gems from Liberia to fund its measures against the united states in 1998.

Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo are usually other countries which have been involved in the trading of blood diamonds. In 1999, a coup over threw the government in Ivory Coast and the country became a trade route for diamonds from Liberia and Sierra Leone. Up to date, illegal trading of diamonds still exists in Ivory Coast. As for The Democratic Republic of Congo, it is famous for the export of the Millennium Star, which is regarded as the world’s most celebrated priceless diamond.

Overall, Blood Diamonds are things that have been around for a long time now. They have been used to fund some of the world’s biggest wars and are still being traded today. These diamonds are not desired and have been banned by the UN. However, despite all the sanctions against these diamonds, they make their way into the market.


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